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Our Ethos

We align ourselves with enlightened management philosophy, regarding people as our major assets and working always at maintaining the highest possible level of communication and interpersonal relations. Our management team is caring and future oriented and our planning and programming soundly organised yet flexible. Our Company’s commitment to its ethos guarantees our consistently giving of our best in any project we undertake.

Leading processes solutions and sustainable value chains

Bühler has three business pillars: Grains & Food solutions ensure safe and healthy food and feed. Consumer Foods solutions create culinary delights. Advanced Materials contributes to the production of energyefficient vehicles and buildings.


Milling solution delivers state-of –the art process technology for transforming raw materials such as wheat, rye, oats, corn and pulses into high grade and semolina products.


Grain quality and supply provides high-quality, safe-processing solutions for grain logistics, cleaning and storage, malting and brewery and rice. It aims to increase efficiency, improve traceability, and reduce food loss.


Value Nutrition is the global solution and technology partner for producers of animal feed, pet