The Bühler Holding AG is a Swiss multinational plant equipment manufacturer based in Uzwil, Switzerland.It is known for plant and equipment and related services for processing foods and manufacturing advanced materials. The organization holds leading market positions worldwide in the fields of technology as well as processes for transforming grain into flour and animal feeds, producing pasta and chocolate, and manufacturing die cast components

Buhler ranks among the international top plant constructors for more than 130 years focused on food, non-food and die-casting sectors. It is represented in more than 100 countries throu hout the world. This proximity to the customer ensures a perfect service. Buhler is famous for its long lasting and continuously developing relationship with the customers.

All machines are extremely sturdy and of a proven design. This ensures years of trouble free operation and the saving in down time is reflected as profits for the customer.

Further, the customer also benefits from the ongoing research and development process at Buhler, during the entire lifetime of his plant.

Leading Processes Solutions and Sustainable Value Chains

Bühler has three business pillars: Grains & Food solutions ensure safe and healthy food and feed. Consumer Foods solutions create culinary delights. Advanced Materials contributes to the production of energyefficient vehicles and buildings.

Milling Solutions

Milling solution delivers state-of –the art process technology for transforming raw materials such as wheat, rye, oats, corn and pulses into high grade and semolina products.

Grain Quality and Supply

Grain quality and supply provides high-quality, safe-processing solutions for grain logistics, cleaning and storage, malting and brewery and rice. It aims to increase efficiency, improve traceability, and reduce food loss.

Value Nutrition

Value Nutrition is the global solution and technology partner for producers of animal feed, pet


Improve The Rice Quality

Suitable for every type of rice, TotalSense is a compact, objective, quality analysis system, utilising the latest integrated network technology.

Optimize Yield

RiceLinePro aims at providing valuable intelligence to mill operators to optimise head rice yield and get consistent performance. The display unit provides option to mill operators to define tolerance bands. The sensor then continuously plots the whiteness of rice against time and displays the data on the screen. It also gives a signal or alarm to the operator when the whiteness is outside the set tolerance limit.

Optimised Rice Processing. Equipment and Solutions.

  • Pre-cleaning
  • Paddy storage systems
  • Whitening & Degermination
  • Optical sorting
  • Paddy reception
  • Cleaning
  • Polishing
  • Weighing, dosifying and bagging
  • Paddy drying
  • Hulling
  • Grading
  • Automation

Efficient Solutions For Paddy Reception and Handling.

Paddy Reception

Reliable high-performance bulk and bagged paddy reception plus conveying systems are key contributor to success in production. Apart from chain conveyors, screw and belt conveyors to elevators, Bühler offers customised solutions for efficient transport

Filter and aspiration components

Filter and aspiration systems are found throughout the value chain of rice processing and are crucial to operate the plant according to regulations. Be it at product reception, conveying or further processing stages – with Bühler aspiration solutions, dust is always under control

Pre-Cleaning Solutions.

Drum Sieve
Efficiently separates coarse impurities such as pieces of straw, bag tapes, paper, pieces of wood and leaves, successfully protecting downstream processing and conveying systems from machine damage.

• Available in four models with a capacity range of up to 95 tonnes/hour
• Fast and easy drum change
• High degree of self-cleaning

SmartPoly Rice Polisher - DRPR.

Presentation is the key to success in any white rice market, as rice is sold on how it looks and feels. This means rice millers need polishers that help them achieve an end product with a highly attractive look and finish.

The SmartPoly™ DRPR delivers uniform white rice that has excellent appearance and texture with a minimised incidence of brokens thus giving increased whole rice yield. The high gloss silky finish lends a highly attractive look to the product on market shelves. Backed by Bühler’s top-notch services and support, the SmartPoly™ DRPR guarantees high efficiency in operation.

Key Benefits
  • Attractive surface finish from matt to high silky
  • Dust free rice for transparent packaging
  • High head rice yield
  • Sanitised processing
  • Economic power consumption
  • Easy operation and maintenance

New SmartPoly DRPR polisher delivers ultimate white rice look and finish.

Key Benefits

Whitened rice falls through the inlet and is conveyed by the feed screw into the sieve basket. A uniform water film is applied to the product via the mixing tube using a nozzle. The rice grains are gently rubbed against each other in the sieve basket by a rotating cam shaft. This process enables a smooth shiny finish in the rice grains. The fully polished, dust free product, is collected through the outlet.

The aspiration system produces an air current, in the polishing chamber through the hollow shaft, which is open on both sides and keeps the rice cool. Separation of rice from the bran, is achieved in the sieve basket and the bran is collected as a by-product. Additional air supply is achieved through the adjustable slots in the doors.

SmartWhite Rice Whitener – DRWD

Brown rice, or ‘Cargo Rice’ as it is often known is rice that hasn’t undergone the whitening process. It is only after the outer layers of the brown rice have been removed that the seed then becomes white rice; the staple food recognised by most consumers.

Bearing in mind that the product quality and value depends on the whiteness of the rice and the lowest possible proportion of brokens, a high quality whitening machine is crucial to the economic success of a rice mill.

Usually there is always a trade-off between whitening degree and breakage, but with a Bühler SmartWhite TM there’s no compromise – it produces the highest whiteness with the lowest breakage.

Key Benefits
  • High yield whitening
  • Minimum on broken
  • Gentle and even abrasion
  • Sanitised processing
  • Long cleaning intervals
  • Easy operation and maintenance

New SmartWhite™ DRWD Whitener delivers Superior
Whitening performance.

Working Principle

The fundamental components of the whitener are the grinding rotor, the screens and the processing chamber. The grinding rotor consists of silicium carbide rings set one above the other, with spaces between them are supported by three ribs on the shaft. The ribs create free space for a central air flow between the shaft and the stone rings. This free space is open at both top and bottom, allowing sucked air to come in from both ends and pass through the gaps between the stone rings. Rice is fed from the top of the machine via a feedscrew and flows directly into the processing chamber. The degree to which the chamber is filled is controlled by a retainer plate at the bottom. Weights are used to adjust the back pressure of the retainer plate.

Superior performance
Designed for delivering unparalleled performance, SmartWhite delivers highest whiteness with the lowest breakage.

High reliability and low maintenance
SmartWhite is designed and built to last. For example, the reversible feed screw design doubles the working life of feed screw.

Easy to operate design
SmartWhite is designed for ease of use, with features such as easy sieve frame adjustment mechanism and simple to use controls.

SmartWhite Rice Whitener. DRWE

For the first time, Global technology leader in Paddy Processing Industry:
Bühler has managed to bring modern patented innovative technology in 2-3 Tons per hour capacity whitener. This means even low capacity rice millers can now use best in class Whitener at amazingly affordable price.

Low capacity rice mills in India find it difficult to get access to modern rice processing technology mainly due to higher cost of modern technology equipment’s. Due to this limitation, these mills end up doing lots of damages on the rice, which leads to wastage and labour lost. Also old traditional rice whitening methods are not hygienic. Bearing in mind that the product quality and value depends on the whiteness of the rice and the lowest possible proportion of broken, a high quality whitening machine is crucial to the economic success of a rice mill.

Key Benefits

– High yield whitening
– Energy efficient operation
– Gentle and even abrasion
– Long cleaning intervals
– Easy operation and maintenance

In SmartWhite DRWE, there’s no compromise – it produces the highest whiteness with the lowest breakage.

Working Principle

The SmartWhite DRWE uses the vertical, abrasive principle, which has been proven to achieve the highest head rice yield.

Brown rice enters the Whitener via two inlets and is guided into the processing chamber by a feed screw. In the whitening chamber rice moves downwards like a spiral and leaves the machine via the conical retarding plate and the outlet hopper.

The vertical brake bars reduce the speed of the product in the whitening chamber, thus increasing the whitening time and improving the whitening efficiency. The whitening intensity is adjustable by shifting the counterweights at the retarding plate.

In SmartWhite DRWE, whitening intensity can be also adjusted by changing the screen frames positioning using simple innovative mechanism. This features provides finer control to get optimum performance.

SORTEX B Optical Sorter for Grain.

Global Leaders in optimised grain sorting.

Grain sorting solutions – The SORTEX range of optical sorters is suitable for small, medium or large-scale processing and is able to cater for a wide variety of grain applications. The applications showcased here are just a small selection of optical sorting solutions the SORTEX range can offer. Bühler is a leading global supplier of optical sorting solutions to the food and non-food processing industries and has been at the forefront of optical sorting technology for over 70 years.

Bühler offers complete solutions for processors who demand the highest standard of product quality. The SORTEX range is specifically engineered for grain sorting and delivers improved food safety. The commitment to substantial investment in Research and Development ensures that this advanced optical sorting technology produces outstanding results in removing even the most challenging of defects and foreign material.


Optimising conventional sorting.

Changing the game – demonstrating a commitment to help processors get the most value from optical sorting, Bühler’s high capacity sorter delivers truly outstanding performance in mainstream commodity sorting applications.

Available in three variants – the SORTEX B, SORTEX B DualVision™ and
SORTEX B MultiVision™ are offered in four frame sizes to suit all capacity requirements. Using up to three wavelengths, the range has excellent colour sorting capabilities and delivers extraordinary product quality. Including superior feed and vision systems with processing capabilities, the SORTEX Brange is the first choice for processors who seek the assurance, functionality and trusted performance of the SORTEX brand.

  • Optimising sorting performance
  • Configuration flexibility
  • Trusted Bühler quality and reliability

Precision and Power.

An integral partner in grain sorting.

Damaged, diseased and discoloured grains can all affect food safety and product value. SORTEX technology significantly reduces these issues to maximize yield, increase profitability and ensure consistent product safety.

The SORTEX range can remove diseased grains, discoloured, damaged or bug infested grains and can reduce cross contamination from Barley, Oats, Soya and a range of other grains and foreign materials.

The SORTEX range can remove small spot and tip defects as well as diseased
For Protein Durum wheat sorting, low protein grains can be removed.

Highly efficient in removing contaminated kernels, minimising the risk of
gushing in beer.
Optimised optical system allows removal of cracked kernels as well as cross contamination by wheat, rye and oats.

Key Specifications

SORTEX B Technology.

Technology leadership in grain sorting.

Inspection system with variable LED lighting
Bühler’s high resolution cameras are designed and built in-house with high resolution optic sensors that deliver the colour registration needed to detect defects and foreign material. When combined with Broadband or Highlumen LED lighting, the sorters can target defects within the entire visible spectrum.

InGaAs technology
InGaAs technology is used to provide better separation of defects which are the same colour as the good product and cannot be seen in the visible spectrum. With broad spectrum Xenon lighting, SORTEX B can detect defects in the infra-red range.

High speed ejectors
Bühler ejectors are custom designed and precision built for high speed, easy Service ability and long life. Through constant development, the ejectors’ life span have been increased significantly. This efficiency of operation and maintenance enables the low cost of ownership of SORTEX sorters

SORTEX ProSortX operating software

The latest update of Bühler’s proprietary operating software comes with a fresh new interface that’s modern, clean and intuitive to use. Featuring innovative navigation control, impecible user functionality and simple, easy set-up.


The all-in-one rice sorting solution.

Design validated by Bühler SORTEX experts and backed by a lifetime ejector

Provides many years of reliability with stable performance. Weak-points engineered out using DfR (Designed for Reliability) design methodology.

Flexibility to meet both domestic and export quality standards.
Maximize revenue streams and turnover with the ability to tailor the sort to suit the required standards.

Protect your brand and reduce risks of financial penalties and product

Delivers cleanest product, concentrated reject and highest bagging capacity despite fluctuating raw material contamination levels.

Help Bühler in the fight against climate change.
A reduction in wasted product, energy and air consumption help to reduce the impact on the environment that is leading to climate change.

Universal cleaning machine. LKAA

TAS 152A-2

Cleaning, grading, aspirating.
Conditioning and/or cleaning is an essential step for any Cereals (Wheat, Paddy, Soya bean, Maize), Pulses & Seed Processing Plants. The purpose is to optimiz the storage life of the grain and improve product quality. This step can prevent disease, improve the process ow and enhance production reliability.

Customer value

  • High system availability
  • Long service life
  • High operational reliability
  • Easy air volume regulation

LKAA – Cleaning, grading, aspirating.

High system availability
Safety equipment such as the oscillation monitor sensor on the screen box provide protection against system malfunctions.

Optional wear protection extends service life
Rhino-Hyde lining at the inlet of the machine provides optimum protection against wear and low noise levels during operation

High operational reliability
Perforated screens with sturdy steel frames are kept clean & clear all the time by a service-proven rubber ball cleaning system.

Easy air volume regulation
Air volume regulation on the machine and a vertical sifter with an adjustable cross-section and inspection windows ensure optimum cleaning quality for the products.

Drum sieve. LAKA.

Drum sieve machines – efficient coarse cleaning for high intake capacities.
Careful cleaning of grain and other bulk goods reduces wear to the downstream equipment in the process of production. Bühler’s drum sieve machine reliably eliminates coarse impurities such as pieces of straw, bag ties, paper, wood chips or corn cobs from coarse or fine streams of product and thus provides an effective protection of the other machines.

Therefore this module is essential in silos, or storage facilities.

The rugged, overhung sieve drum is divided into an inlet and an outlet cylinder, made of sheet-steel and provided with holes ranging from 6mm to 80mm. The screening machine is highly self-cleaning and is additionally supported in this function by a scraper brush. All components are installed inside an enclosed housing that is equipped with an aspiration connection.

Mode of operation.
The material to be screened is fed through the inlet channel into the inside of the screening drum and is turned over there. The grain drops through the screen perforations and the coarse impurities are directed to the outlet by a guide screw. This ensures the reliable separation of the coarse impurities from the product.

Customer value

  • Reliable preliminary cleaning
  • High operating reliability
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance

LAKA – Efficient coarse cleaning for high intake capacities.